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The original Bare Sock is my son, when he was 4 years old he asked me if he could go out to the garden 'bare sock'. He is my inspiration and so I have named my Etsy store and blog to remind me everyday of the originality , creativity and simple logic that I aspire to have.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Sew Christmas ornament Tutorial


Styrofoam ball
Measuring tape
Exacto knife
Scraps of fabric
2 pins

Step. 1
Divide the Styrofoam ball into 4 with the pen or sharpie marker
Step. 2
Measure to find out the hight and the wide of the rectangle you will need for each wedge.
Step. 3
Cut 4 rectangles with those measurments
Step. 4
Using the Exacto knife cut on the line of each wedge

Step. 5
Using the pins secure the fabric at the top and bottom and using something thin but sharp push the fabric inside the cut in the styrofoam, keep going until the wedge is covered and there is no fabric left outside.

Step 6.
Do the next wedges until you are done.

You can get creative and cut the styrofoam in any way you want and choose as many fabrics as you want!

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